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Our Philosophy

Peace and Possibilities

True prosperity means living in financial peace AND living out what’s possible.But peace only comes when you know you have enough.How do you know when that is?Our first objective with clients is helping them determine just that.And pointing out how much more you can accomplish than you may have thought possible.Only then do we determine the assortment of financial instruments that are needed.Knowing what’s possible and when you have enough… It’s a great feeling.

Nothing Beats Face Time

You deserve so much more than just quarterly statements.That’s why our hands-on communication continues throughout our relationship.You can expect unfettered access to us at all times, plus in-person meetings with you 2-4 times per year.Our philosophy: We prefer to hear we’re reaching out too often, than not enough.This puts you in control of the flow of communications.That’s why at TFP, your questions never go unanswered.